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Profits from your purchase today will go to helping a senior receive services they otherwise could not afford, such as dentures, glasses or hearing aids. You will also be helping to start nursing careers for people to care for our aging senior population with a scholarship from ELEVATE Charities.

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ELEVATE Charities is an organization dedicated to furnishing hearing aids, dentures, prescription eye glasses, and other necessary equipment and devices to our less fortunate seniors. In addition, ELEVATE Charities provides education, training and career opportunities to prospective nurses who wish to serve our growing senior population. We know well that the need for professionally trained nurses is growing, and that the population of individuals who will require geriatric care in the next decade is increasing at an equal or greater rate.

ELEVATE Charities is a non-profit organization engaged in a mission to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our communities through caring service, fulfilling essential needs, and providing education to caregivers.

Medicine is constantly improving, creating new ways to treat and care for the senior community. Our education programs focus on helping healthcare professionals and caregivers have up-to-date information to better help their patients.